Nutritrim Retreat

Get in shape while in sun and luxury

What happens at the retreat?

Individual plans - Before arriving at the retreat we discuss whether you are looking to lose weight, Working towards a sporting event, recovering from illness, currently unwell and looking for nutrition help to feel better, or  just simply want to eat well during your stay. We take your details of what you are looking to achieve. From this we prepare a tailored plan to help you achieve this over your stay

Eat right – There is a strict eating plan throughout your stay at the retreat. All designed to boost energy and detox your body. All prepared and cooked on sight by our very own cook. BUT!!! If you are not looking to lose weight, that's fine! Nutritious bespoke meals are prepared specially for you.

Exercise – There is a fitness instructor that can visit up to twice a day. From yoga to High Intensity Intensive Training (HIIT)

Monitoring - We monitor how you are doing during your stay 

Down time - We have a message therapist visit your chosen Retreat up to two times during your stay to help you relax and unwind. They are available to perform the holistic treatment of your choice. All included in the price of course!

Food intolerance test are available upon request